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[macOS] Menu GitHub stars

Fully customizable macOS drop-down menu with 30 settings you can play with!

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[macOS] Popover GitHub stars

Fully customizibe drop-in replacement for NSPopover on macOS

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[iOS] Haptico GitHub stars

Haptico is easy to use iOS haptic feedback generator. Besides default haptic feedbacks it can play patterns!

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[iOS] Segmented Progress View GitHub stars

🔘🔘🔘⚪️⚪️ Simple Instagram-like segmented progress view with completion handler and different time intervals for each segment

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[iOS] LocationPicker GitHub stars

Location picker 🗺 similar to Apple’s Reminders app and Find my friend app

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[iOS] StatesController GitHub stars

UIViewController which implements switching states: Loading, No Data, Error and Content

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